Etienne Borgers | Nordland Visual Theatre
herr mister meneer señor monsieur

What’s the difference between a howling dog, a howling wind and a howling baby?
Mister Mølsk has no idea, since he never paid attention. Not to people, not to animals and above all not to nature. Then he accidentally disturbs the Museum of Sound. For the first time in his life Mister Mølsk uses his ears and discovers a world which he didn’t know existed. Guided by sound and music he makes a wonderful journey.

Mister Mølsk is a musical ode to the imagination. Poetic and brave for children upper 4.
After Speechless, Cool Frogs and Sheep this is the fourth solo performance of singer and composer Etienne Borgers. In his performances he invents his own languages and soundscapes. He plays at schools, theatres and international festivals all over the world.
Mister Mølsk is a co production with Nordland Visual Theatre (NO).

concept, music, performer Etienne Borgers
director Gienke Deuten (Firma Rieks Swarte)
dramaturgy Preben Faye-Schjøll
sound advise & development Piet Nieuwint
sound technics Skip Goes
set design Thierry van Raay
costume Atty Kingma
light design Jan Erik Skarby
production Lill Janne Legård (NVT)
technician Tom Rijndorp
producer Carla Kogelman (Kleine Spui)
grafic design Fred Thie
photography Carla Kogelman
with financial support of NVT, NFPK, Gemeente Utrecht, SNS Reaal Fonds, AFK, Provincie Utrecht, kfHein Fonds

thanks to Hans Spin, Geir-Ove Andersen, Ing Randi Johansen, Anne Sørfjell, Moran

première NO 20 mars 2010 Stamsund - FIN
première NL 22 september 2010 Amsterdam - Krakeling

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Mister Mølsk is a Stichting van Wanten production