etienne borgers

Etienne Borgers (1963) is a singer, musician and composer.
He uses his compositions as the main starting point for theatre performances and short films.

Etienne Borgers has been a musician since birth.
After finishing his study at the conservatory of Rotterdam he started to profile himself
more as a composer, next to his professional life as a singer.
His compositions triggered him to start making music for theatre. Eventually he even developed a unique form of musical theatre for children in which he himself is acting solo. Next to this he uses his compositions as the starting point for series of short films.

In an average year Etienne spends six months in the Netherlands and the other six touring internationally or in the South of France to compose music for a new performance.

He gains inspiration for his music from distant travels.
Etienne experiences the world around him through sound.
When travelling, instead of a camera, Etienne brings a microphone and a recorder with him. In the most beautiful nature environment, he preferably closes his eyes to take in the sounds around him. And in conversations Etienne regularly misses the content because he is listening to the emotion and melodies.