danstheater dee

For over fifteen years the company makes performances for young children.
Marieke Joosten and Danstheater Dee create performances with strong visuals and characters, for both children and adults.
Without losing the abstract in dance, without telling the complete, whole story, Danstheater Dee tries to tempt kids unlimited imagination with humorous, sometimes exciting performances. Often a Danstheater Dee performance is their first experience with dance. The themes are oppositions that children encounter in their daily life, such as nasty/nice, immaculately clean and tidy / incredibly untidy. Oppositions that seem to have a crystal clear good/bad connotation that in the end turns out to be a matter of taste. DEE encourages children to form their own opinion on the topic, without getting moralistic.
For many children MUDMONSTERS and DOUBLE CROSS GRAIN were their first experience with dance performance.