street acts

Street Blurb

Mr Magic is a Famous and Powerful Magician. Or at least thinks he is. A dusty but distinguished old gentleman, Mr Magic is confined to a wheelchair, and relies on his male nurse for both mobility and to assist him with his magic. He's a chatty old fellow, and enjoys nothing more than meeting new people to share his wisdom and amaze with his feats of Magic and Mentalism. As well as a host of card tricks - which don't always go to plan - Mr Magic specializes in telepathy, mind reading, and predicting the future. These extraordinary feats of mental power rarely fails to amuse and amaze not only his audience but the jolly old magician himself. Mr Magic is happy to free-wheel around festival settings, sharing his wonders with anyone who's interested, but is most thrilled to perform on a stage - whether that is a small podium at a social function or the main stage of an Opera House. Performances can be tailored anywhere from 10 minutes to a full evening performance, and with some advance information can also include content which is specific to the event and key people at that event. His magic is unpredictable, but Mr Magic's charm and mystery guarantees audiences of all ages a magical time.

Sally Street Blurb.
Sally is a glamorous Show Girl, a saucy Diva from yesteryear. She thinks she's French, and struts about on her high heels like a tipsy Josaphine Baker. She loves to dance and flirt with her public, and can't seem to stop her clothes falling off. And when they don't fall off by themselves, she likes to ask older Gentlemen in the public to help, which on turn helps Sally in her never ending quest to find a Sugar Daddy. Sally will squeal with delight if you chase her just be careful if you catch her...

STAN street blurb.
STAN is a small man with a big mouth. A cheeky cockney chappy who likes nothing better than having a laugh with his public. STAN loves to animate people to sing and dance, and is on an ongoing mission to learn the folk songs and dances of the places he visits. As STAN discovers these traditions for the first time, he is thrilled and excited to learn them. And his enthusiasm is contagious. Before too long, everybody is singing and dancing along, old and young together, surprised at the joy of rediscovering their own folk traditions, traditions that are getting lost in the modern internet age, but still have the power to bring communities together.