quade & paiva extra


SISTERSISTER is a ‘walk about’. Especially on festivals, busy squares and shopping areas, the sisters amuse the audience. If people are busy shopping and other day-by-day-routines, the puppets appear out of the mass of pass-byers and surprise the people. They take all the attention and start a dialogue with each other and the audience or they go into a shop and buy something. They do anything appropriate in that situation to take all the attention of the audience and make them smile or be frightened. Whenever they established that situation and a group of people gather around them, they leave and disappear in the crowd of the busy every-day-life activities.
Already their ‘walk’ takes lots of attention and people start commenting on the two pass-byers and sometimes people are creating the situation in which they start to play with the sisters. In this sense the act is a very nice interaction with the audience. The puppets and the audience come close to each other, the puppets make contact with individuals and a person on the street becomes a performer for the crowd. Mostly people enjoy that a lot. If they don’t enjoy and feel observed or intimidated, we immediately let them be and go further.