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Both as a commitment to skill sharing and to compliment our touring theatre shows, Green Ginger are pleased to offer workshops in the techniques and practices employed by the company.

Green Ginger's vast experience of performing in the streets all over the world, coupled with Terry Lee's work with the popular British TV satire Spitting Image and the films of Jim Henson and Frank Oz, make these workshops of great interest to both professional animators and newcomers to the world of puppets and theatre.

manipulation and animation

Sessions commence with warm-ups, paying attention to the nature of many of the injuries and pains which haunt puppeteers, working in cramped and uncomfortable positions in order to stay out of view.
Through a series of physical theatre games and improvisations, the group will explore body gesture, focus and co-ordination. These will lead into hands-on instruction in the manipulation of single and two-operator latex 'muppets' where the participants can begin to develop precision eye-line and lip-synchronisation as well as complicity between operators.
The sessions conclude with the students having produced their own improvisations, where the dynamics of conflict, contras, status and harmony are introduced.
DURATION: Workshops can last from a half day to two full days. Max numbers in group: 20 Clothing: Loose and comfortable. No jewellery.

latex forming and construction

Green Ginger can offer a masterclass designed for both professionals and beginners wishing to learn about latex, its possibilities and its uses within our work. The course covers Design: necessity and invention / Sculpture / Mould-making and Cosmetics (applications, painting etc.)
This workshop needs a minimum of 4 days to complete satisfactorily, but can be combined with 'manipulation/animation' during the curing / drying periods.
Max numbers: 12

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giving voice with vision

puppetmasters Green Ginger offer a new form of cultural exchange.
An attempt to record attitudes to issues around the world with puppets.


In a school in the Rhondda Valleys, fifteen 17-year-old drama students were audio recorded during a puppet-workshop, talking and improvising on the themes of gender, sexuality and marriage.
Many hours of audio recording were distilled into a 9 minutes of filmable material. A set of teenage puppets was commissioned and a functioning video-studio assembled in an arts center nearby. Over a week the students manipulated the puppets and made the music for the film which was shown at their school on the final day.
The success of this video has encouraged us to give voice to other communities. The themes explored may vary, the intention is to make an entertaining record of young people’s lives, in the medium of a comic puppet programme.
Variations may include making the puppets with the group, or working with different age-groups or in languages other than english.
Each commission will involve an early audio team visit, leaving time to edit and prepare purpose-made puppets to represent the students.
There may well be a television company component in the future funding of such visits.

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