gaston + prats

Gaston, Le Gouache
One of Europe's best know street artists, Gaston has performed in twelve languages across four continents. With his instant portraits with cruel caricature and pencil-sharp wit, Gaston can 'draw the crowds' at any event.

Gaston is a CIRCLE SHOW and is designed to be enjoyed 'in the round' either indoors or out. The performance works best when not on a stage but placed near or within a routeway of pedestrians. They can discover the action and then move around to experience it from a variety of angles.

Technical needs
3 metre diameter circle (rope provided)
Dressing room with parking nearby, cold drinks.
2 performers with 50kg freight
4-6 performances totaling 90 mins per day
Preparation: 30 mins / Strike: 10 mins


The PRATS - POSITIVE RESPONSE ACTION TEAM are not afraid to look danger in the eye ... and run.
Three insecurity guards patrol the crowds with big enthusiasm and with little common sense. A highly mobile unit, the PRATs animate the streets with absurd and surprising interaction.

PRATs are very mobile and can cover an extraordinary amount of ground in each session. Like GASTON, the show can operate in any event or gathering and can be tailored to be as discreet or high profile as needed.

Technical needs
Dressing room with parking nearby, cold drinks.
3 performers with 40kg freight
Total 90 mins per day / 3-4 performances per day
Preparation: 45 mins