rust quotes on RUST so far...
Llet me say how much I enjoyed the show. I was amazed by the incredible sets and the wonderfully eccentric plot.
Nicolas Jackson, BC Madrid

We loved the performance – funny, inventive, and action-packed - just what theatre should be.
Roger Budd, BC Stockholm

Det mest coole som finss
Henric Tiselius, City Stockholm, 8.12.06

humor corrosivo, personages rabiosamente divertidos y una imaginación visual fuera de lo común elevan el arte de la marioneta, en este espectáculo, a un nivel desconocido.
manuel llanes - teatro central sevilla

Der Humor ist verwechselbar British. Schwarz, schräg und schepp.
Man muss das alles gesehen haben – wenn man es freakig und trashig mag.
Inka Müller, Algemeine Zeitung, 26.09.06

Abgedrehte Handlung und schwarzer Humor - Aus tollen Puppenspielern werden grosartigen Sänger und Schauspieler.
Julia Schäfer, Rhein Zeitung, 26.09.06

Freakshow! RUST is everything but a beautiful puppet-theatre-performance.
…a little bit of Sex Pistols, a little Monty Python and a little more of The Young Ones.
Telemarksavisa, june 06

A shipload of Green Ginger are never boring.
Varden, june 06

Excellent comic writing...the bizarre back-story, brilliantly interpolated by cartoon projections is inspired. The packed house roared its approval - largely merited in this inventive, well-written and satisfyingly bizarre show.

A work of art to be cherished…there are some moments of real genius. The macabre puppets look wonderfully nightmarish.

So bizarre, inventive, hilarious and charming that my sulky son is soon yodelling with laughter.
The comic timing and visual detail is stunning, and the puppets so unnervingly expressive that Rust is almost too rich to digest in one sitting Rust is quite simply the best thing that Green Ginger has done for years… in a word, riveting.
VENUE Magazine

Visually, Green Ginger offer another stellar performance. The performers take puppeteering to a whole new level.
BBCtv Online

Green Ginger concoct a grotesquely enchanting world.

This is a great experience, due to the superb technique and acting. Green Ginger create pure magic on stage and this journalist quickly forgot that the puppets are not alive. In a mysterious way they have the complex expressions of a real actor. Once again Green Ginger shows how to successfully take puppetry out of the kindergartens and develop this artform for adult audiences.

The puppets are amazingly expressive and the actors astonishing in their skills...hereby recommended to all those who want to see advanced puppetry for adults.

For a public frankly more grown up there was Rust, from the British company Green Ginger...a surprising repository of technique, invention, good taste and wild humour, an extraordinary moment of theatre and music.

un petit bijou d’humour ‘so british’.
Marie Marty, dernieres nouvelles d’alsace DNA, 9 april 2006